Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Mini Schnauzer

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - May 2016

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? No

  • Location - West Sussex

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Copy of INKY

If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


Mini Schnauzer Inky turned five in May. She has been in foster and was subsequently adopted by a lovely mini Schnauzer family but, as Covid restrictions eased and family members came home from uni, she has encountered a set back and the environment is no longer suiting her.

Inky is not a straightforward girl, owing to her time as a puppy farm dog where she had multiple litters. While Inky is still very nervous of life and the real world, she has improved overall, and loves her walks and being with other dogs - she MUST have the company of at least one other dog or more.

Inky is now off the lead and does come back, but she will bark and bounce at some dogs she meets so this is a work in progress and she is put back on lead when new dogs approach.

Inky plays well with the dogs and toys in the garden, and she also settles and sleeps well. She is a slow eater and will stop, if startled. Inky will sit with her current 'Mum' on the sofa and she will now sit near to her 'Dad', too, after several months of building confidence. She is initially very unsure of strangers and anything new.

ALL applicants MUST be aware that Inky can and will nip if she feels threatened.


A quiet, calm home with a place where she can be kept separate from visitors

MUST have the company of at least one or more dogs


A spacious garden

Please ONLY apply for Inky if you feel you have the knowledge and awareness needed to nurture an ex-puppy farm bitch and build her trust and confidence.