Under Assessment
  • Breed - Jack Russell x Pug

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - September 2016

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 12yrs +

  • Location - East Sussex

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Iggy was privately rehomed from his original family as they no longer had time for him. His current owner has relinquished him to Arundawn after observing that he was not doing at all well in a town setting - he started displaying high levels of anxiety when confronted with busy streets and lots of people/cars/bikes, etc and after getting advice from a trainer, decided that Iggy would benefit from a quieter and more relaxed setting than they could provide in the centre of London.

Iggy is a funny little boy - very sweet and affectionate in the home environment and very food orientated - he loves his treats and cuddles. However he was not doing well in a busy town environment and his anxiety levels would escalate with every noisy car, jogger, cyclist, etc.

He is now in foster in Sussex and settling well. He is on a raw food diet and he will be neutered which may help.

He has gone on walks and his fosterer reports he is friendly with other calm dogs - he mainly wags his tail and gives them a quick sniff. He hasn't met any children in the home and tends to ignore them when out walking. He doesn't seem that interested in chasing squirrels or birds unless he sees them on tv. He will still lunge at passing cars but as he is now walked in much quieter areas, he isn't triggered as much as before.

He is well mannered and quiet in the home and gets very excited when he thinks he's going for a walk. He did display some separation anxiety to start but this has calmed down a lot as his fosterers have established clear boundaries and he understands the rules much better in the house.

His fosterer has remarked on how quickly he adapted and settled in their home - he is really a resilient little dog. We are looking for a home with a large enough garden for him to run around in and access to lots of countryside walks. He could live with another CALM dog, but would do just as well on his own. As we have not been able to assess him with children we would only look to rehome him with teenagers and above.

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