Arundawn Dog Rescue rehome all over the UK
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As more and more old and sick dogs are abandoned to their fate, Arundawn have found that some of the dogs that arrive are just not able to be re-homed for one reason or another. Those dogs join Arundawn as Shelter dogs. Some will remain with us and join the pack, whilst others go to long term foster with the back up and support of Arundawn for life. By sponsoring one or all of our Shelter Dogs you will be helping to fund the care and ongoing needs of the dogs that cannot be adopted. 

Many dogs arrive at Arundawn suffering from severe neglect. Many have health problems such as skin conditions, heart conditions and tumours and these dogs may well be on medication for life. So often these dogs can live a happy life, with our support, in long term foster. In these cases Arundawn continue to pay for their medication and other special needs. Sponsorship helps fund all aspects of looking after Arundawn's Shelter dogs including everyday items that are needed like cosy beds, heat lamps in our kennels, nutritious food, and toys to keep dogs happy and healthy.

We understand that not everyone can adopt a dog of their own but we know that you may be able to contribute to some that really do need your help. A regular donation of just £5 a month by standing order will allow us to continue giving the best possible care and helping even more dogs in need.

To set up a standing order please contact us for our details or find them on our sponsorship form.

Alternatively a one-off donation via PayPal is greatly appreciated. Link at top of the page.