holly & molly

In Foster
  • Breed - Jack Russell | Yorkie x Jack Russell 

  • Gender - both female

  • Date of Birth - Aug 2014 | June 2016 

  • Can live with dogs? Bonded pair

  • Can live with cats? TBC

  • Can live with children? TBC

  • Location - West Sussex

Holly and Molly_edited.jpg

Holly and Molly are a lovely pair who have tragically and very unexpectedly lost their 'Dad' and so have joined Arundawn to help find a forever home.

Holly is a 7-year old tricoloured Jack Russell terrier and Molly is a 5-year old Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell. They must stay together as they are a bonded pair.

Both ladies are a little overweight at the moment, but have full medical history and have been spayed. They walk well on lead and one was apparently off lead in the main but her 'sister' had a tendency to go adventuring so we urge caution to begin with!


In order to allow us to have a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of their needs, the pair have gone into an experienced foster home with a hopeful view to this also being their forever home.