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  • Breed - American Bulldog

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - March 2022

  • Can live with dogs? Yes (required)

  • Can live with cats? No (see below)

  • Can live with children? No (see below)

  • Location - West Sussex


To register your interest, please complete our Pre-adoption form:

If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


Frieda is a young DEAF American Bull dog. She is dog friendly and delightful and responding well to hand signals. She has been in foster with a hope of her forever home BUT sadly her fosterer has been diagnosed with a life changing illness and cannot continue to work with her or adopt her.


Frieda is lovely but a big powerful dog. She is house trained and loves to cuddle on the sofa with her humans.


She is good with other dogs - can become a bit dominant but accepts being told off if she is pushing another dog's boundaries. She is exuberant in her greetings with visitors in the home but become over stimulated very easily. So she needs structure and someone to help her understand how to be a good girl.


She is still learning to walk on the lead - at the moment she wants to mouth or "rag" the lead - and if walking next to another dog on a lead she will attempt to do the same to their lead. So this area is a work in progress which isn't helped by her being a really strong girl.

Frieda can be a little stubborn when she wants to (she will selectively forget what signs mean if she's having a sulk) - being deaf she needs more help to understand her environment and the rules she needs to follow - a lack of consistency and predictability in her former life has made her a bit of a brat at times and her new foster or owner needs to work on those areas. We think being rehomed with another steady dog to show her the ropes will do wonders for this sweet girl.


Frieda ideally needs a home / foster placement with someone who has experience of deaf dogs and who can work with her behaviour. We need to move her quite quickly so please share and consider her.


- A home with another dog or two ideally

- She is not assessed with children so no children under-16

- Deaf dog experience is ideally needed

- The skills, time and patience to devote to helping Frieda

- Generally we feel that a non-hearing dog benefits from the company and guidance of a hearing dog

If you think you have the necessary skills and experience to help, please complete an online foster application form.

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