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6yr old neutered GSD 
Elsie is sadly looking for a new home through no fault of her own and arrived on February 12th
Her current owners write... Elsie is a loyal, obedient, Intelligent dog. She loves people and is very friendly and loves a cuddle and fuss. She often rolls over for a big belly rub. She loves long walks/runs and has lots of energy! She is good with children and since being with us for nearly 2 years she has settled comfortably into a home environment. Before we got her, all we know is she was locked in a shed with another dog and someone was feeding them food through the shed gaps. She has been used for breeding but has been neutered now. She has good training and will do commands comfortably with or with out treats. She loves a ball and her soft toys and enjoys an evening of play time before bed. She loves going out and has lots of energy and excitement when leaving for her walks. She can be 'sniffy' towards some types of dogs, she may have met them before and been absolutely fine and played with them but then the next time she sees them she may bark at them and not want to play with them. She is inquisitive about what you do around the home and loves to be involved in helping with jobs and loves to watch you work around the home environment. She would be best in a home without other pets so she could have the attention and love she deserves. She does give chase when she sees a cat or a squirrel but does come back when you stand and call her a few times. She is very friendly and is fine being left alone for short periods of time, she usually sleeps and gets very excited when you return home. She loves a brush and a cuddle and isn't afraid of loud noises and is used to home sounds and fireworks which don't seem to effect her. 
All in all what a fabulous girl... Someone is going to be very very lucky indeed