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5 yrs old 
Male Bull terrier 
Ideally looking for a home with another dog or more and someone at home a lot.
Very very sadly Douglas is looking for a new home. Douglas is an Arundawn dog who went to live with our friend Pete straight from the kennels he had been left at after his freedom ride. Sadly Pete's personal circumstances have suddenly changed hence this post.
Douglas is a loveable big 'buffoon'! He is friendly and affectionate and loves everyone and especially loves a cuddle. 
He will chase cats if he can but has never hurt them and gets frightened if a cat stands its ground  
He walks well on lead and off lead is great but limited recall - as with so many bullies.
He shows no sign of aggression towards other dogs but he is a big lad and can get a little over excited. 
Like so many - Douglas can be very lazy and hates the rain. Sadly, although fully house trained, he developed some incontinence which vets feel is partly behavioural and partly that he has a 'stretched' bladder and so has not yet been neutered in case the problem was accentuated. Pete has been working long hours so he has had to hold himself and this did not help either. He currently wears a 'pad' around the home as he can 'leak' - but we all feel that with more exercise and access to outdoors this will improve.