The importance of the ‘foster family’ cannot be stressed enough. We feel that where possible it is crucial to get our dogs out of a kennel environment and into a home. We are lucky enough to have some superb foster families here at Arundawn. Foster dogs live with families until they are ready for their new homes and sadly in the case of dogs needing palliative care they will remain with the family until the end. 

Arundawn provides support and advice to the foster families in order to give every dog the best chance of succeeding in finding their perfect forever home. Photo’s, video’s, new information and regular write ups are all invaluable in ensuring the Arundawn team are able to match dog and owner. 

Fostering is an essential part of dog rescue in our opinion and we are always grateful for new fosterers joining our team.  Please complete and return a application if you feel you can offer a foster home to one of our dogs in preparation for their forever homes.

Fostering is NOT 'try before you make your mind up' - that is a bonus
Fostering is NOT 'get a dog for free because rescue pay for everything'
Fostering is NOT a way of 'making a quick buck' by apparently spending LOTS of money on a dog without authorisation or receipts then asking for it back
Fostering is NOT 'oh dear it pee'd on the carpet - come and get it NOW'
Fostering is NOT 'lets get the food paid for and feed our own dogs too'
Fostering is NOT 'ignore EVERYTHING that the rescue has advised and then moan like hell when it all goes wrong!
Fostering IS invaluable to helping us and many other rescues to save more dogs
Fostering IS unimaginably rewarding to those who give their time and patience and love unconditionally to help a foster dog
Fostering IS bloody hard work sometimes
Fostering needs dedication and we will do ALL we can to support our fosterers but regular CONTACT and updates are essential
Fostering means SLOW and CAREFUL INTRODUCTION & MEANS JUST THAT! It can take days and weeks to integrate two dogs and time is so so important
And finally - for all our AMAZING fosterers who help time and time again and without whom we could not do what we do - thankyou
And for those who would like to foster - please really think hard and take on board the committment needed. This is not to put you off but to try and prevent us having to move dogs in 'emergencies' because they are not quite PERFECT!!! Many of these dogs have been DUMPED, ABANDONED, ABUSED and often STARVED - they need TIME to trust often!
Thank you for reading and please feel free to call to discuss if you think you can help.

If you cannot complete an on-line foster application please download, complete and email back to us via our email address:

We receive a high volume of applications, if you have submitted an application and haven't heard back from us within a fortnight, please assume your application has not been successful on this occassion

Applications and Homechecks can take up to 10 days to process