Available for Adoption
  • Breed - GSD x Mastiff

  • Gender - Male 

  • Date of Birth - September 2018

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? No

  • Location - East Sussex

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Cash is a 2 year old, GSD x Mastiff, neutered male. He's chipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming, and has no health issues.


He's agility trained and nearly ready for competition (he just needs to get his channel weaves closed). He loves an active lifestyle, agility swimming and is good to run with too. He doesn't need to be rehomed to a family who does agility training - he just needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation.


He's very excitable and this can often be misread by people who aren't used to him/experienced with large energetic dogs. He's never ever aggressive, just very bouncy! His excitement can cause him to get very stressed so he is medicated on trazodone once a day to help him (advised by behaviorist and vet, his character and weight are a lot more stable when he's on it).


He is good with other dogs but is still an overgrown puppy and doesn't know his size, he is mixed with other large dogs at daycare and they find him very easy. He is EXTREMELY bright. He has a high chase drive so not suitable for mixing with cats/small furries/chickens/etc, and finds horses particularly exciting.

Cash was living with another neutered male and is being rehomed due to a family breakdown.

Since moving to foster we have found that Cash loves to play and any dog that he lives with will need to be able to keep up with him.  He loves to be chased and can play for ages. He does not always take no for an answer when another dog has had enough so his new companions will either need to as enthusiastic about life or have the patience of a saint in the face of a very large and bouncy toddler.

Given his energy levels we are looking for a very active home (canicross, running, agility, etc would suit him just fine). He also needs a large, secure garden to run around in with another large dog as a companion. As he has never lived with children we are also looking for an adult only home. Ideally someone who has experience with big dogs and can be firm with him if he gets overly boisterous with them or other dogs - or when he starts getting demanding and starts barking.

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