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Permanent Shelter Dog Henry arrived at Arundawn on the 24th of April 2018, dumped unloved and neglected at the age of 10. Henry was lucky enough to find a permanent foster home with a lovely lady called Carolyn just 4 days later.

Henry needed surgery to locate and remove a retained testicle and his recovery was slow and he struggled.  He arrived to Carolyn's with a daunting quantity of medication. Then, not long after he appeared to have made full recovery, he was enjoying a typical bully run in the garden when he came to a stop and stooped his head and collapsed. Carolyn rushed him to her vets where he went for MRI, x-ray and heart scan.  Sadly these tests revealed Henry has a grade 3 heart murmur and heart disease. Henry is now on medication to help manage this for life.


Due to the neglect he formerly suffered Henry had lost a lot of his sight and has now lost virtually all ... Carolyn has to spend a lot of time cleaning and lubricating them to help as best she can.

Carolyn says Henry is the sweetest, cuddliest and most affectionate bully ever. She believes he is part kangaroo and he bounces his way round the fields on his walk, but also big part chicken even if the smallest of dog looks at him the wrong way he will hide behind my legs and refuse to come out, but if he finds a friendly dog he absolutely

loves them, and everyone who meets him fall in love with him,

it's impossible not to. He also loves the beach!

Henry will have lifetime back up for his medications and treatments and anything else he should need from Arundawn and your donations. 

His medical costs so far have exceeded £2000.00 and rising

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