Arrived 4th April 2020

9 yrs old and we are looking for a home with at least one other dog .
Currently in foster with Tracy and looking so much better already.

Tracy says ... 
Bud came to join us on Saturday afternoon and after the initial excitement of meeting our beautiful Elsa, he settled very quickly and gave up the amorous advances when he realised she really wasn’t in the mood!

He is a very sweet, chilled lad and spends most of his day asleep, moving from the sofa, to his bed, back to the sofa. However, his two big loves in life are going for a walk and food. As he is underweight he is currently on 3 meals a day, but we have already noticed an improvement and he is gaining weight so he’ll be back to normal soon. He is more than happy to go for a good walk of over an hour and his energy levels are increasing every day. 

Bud is dog friendly and wants to befriend every dog he sees which, of course, isn’t possible right now. He is also cat friendly but if you have an idiot of a cat like mine that tests him to the limit, he will chase for fun and bark if provoked! He also likes nothing more than sleeping with you on the bed at night and is housetrained and considering all the changes in his life, there have been no accidents at all.

He is looking for a relatively active retirement home with someone around most of the time, the company of another dog, maybe a pesky cat and some good long walks.  He is not child tested so teenager upwards.

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