9 Years Old

Blind Male Crossbreed

In foster in West Sussex

....With as little disruption to this boys life as possible he has a sad story!

Three days ago Bruce's owner called an ambulance but when the paramedics arrived they had to break in to his home as he was unresponsive. He had had a bleed to the brain and did not survive sadly. Bruce was Bob's life and vice versa!

Bruce is now 8 years old and blind. Bob had been reclusive and so he and his dog relied on each other totally.

As a matter of urgency Bruce needs to find a suitable home where he can feel safe, loved and continue to enjoy walking, jumping in tall grass etc. Although blind, this was progressive and he still loves to play with his ball.He has amazing senses and listens to where the ball lands!

Bruce is being cared for by a neighbour as she has the same lay out of house which Bruce is familiar with but this is only until tomorrow. A home with a busy pack of dogs would be too much for Bruce but maybe one welcoming other dog may be comforting for him or as an only dog with someone around all the time.


BRUCE has always slept on his Dad's bed and we are looking for a home where this is both allowed and wanted as there have been huge changes and we want as much continuity as possible. IF we can find a Foster home with a view to forever , this would be perfect!


You will remember we posted this middle aged, nearly blind/blind dog a couple of days ago after his owner passed away.

We are very grateful to all who offered, shared and commented on his post and delighted to say that I think he has found the PERFECT home ... he arrived safely with James yesterday, who recently lost his older blind dog,

Bruce had spent the last five years with a single gent in his home and the two were constant companions ...
Bruce has already 'picked up' where he left off and settled beautifully and I feel sure he and James are going to be great mates 😊

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