Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Lurcher

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - December 2019

  • Can live with dogs? Yes (pref female)

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 12yrs+

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If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390

Brandy was picked up as a stray and transferred to Arundawn. We have taken some time to get to know this boy as it was clear that he had very little experience being in a home.

His fosterer reports that he is pleasure to have around - he's clean, sleeps well, eats well, likes his naps and loves a cuddle and a play about.

He is a bit of a shy dog, but once he gets to know you he is very affectionate. He's not the type of dog to go running up to strangers to say hello.

He gets on with everyone in the house and is friendly towards visiting dogs in the home.

While on lead he can be a bit reactive to other dogs but this is being worked on. He is only let offlead in secure paddocks as his recall is not that great.

He has a great deal of respect for older female dogs and the fosterer's resident dog has no problems putting him in his place if she thinks he's being a bit much.

He is a typical lurcher - he needs an average amount of exercise to do his zoomies and let off steam so a home with a decent size garden for him to play in is a must. Given what we think his early life was like, he needs a lot of affection and to feel secure in his home, so he would need someone around most of the day and at least one female dog for companionship.

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