• Breed - Ridgeback cross

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - Feb 2019

  • Can live with dogs? Calm Female

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 16+ (see below)

  • Location - West Sussex

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Update May 2022

Bodi wasnt able to remain with his long term Fosterers any longer and was returned to us. We started the socialisation in ernest. He is wearing a muzzle at this stage although Elaine is fairly confident that we will be able to remove this in the coming weeks. His body language was good and he relaxed nicely towards the end. 
Although he is still upset in the kennels this is such a breakthrough and all we had hoped for!

This stunning boy arrived with us at the end of September 2021 from a council pound facility. He soon settled into life at Arundawn and became used to the other dogs before leaving for foster. 

Please be aware this lad stands approx 29/30" TTS - we believe Bodi is most probably a Ridgeback cross but, suffice to say, he is a large dog.


He is NOT a totally straightforward dog and needs a foster / forever home who can work with him.

Since being in foster many things have improved BUT it has also become apparent that suburban life does not suit him. He is anxious when he sees other dogs and although when he visited Arundawn he did not react in any way (and there are some 40 dogs on site at present), when out walking in a more built up location he barks and pulls when he sees some other dogs.

Bodi needs a home in the country. One with a really big garden or land OR in a location where there are not lots of dogs. His fosterers have been amazing and persevered for all these months as Bodi has had no suitable interest but with jobs changing, Bodi HAS to be moved.

Here is a brief precis of Bodi from his fosterers:

• House trained and no accidents. Will go and stand by the door if he wants to go out.

• Well behaved, settles quickly indoors

• Loves to learn new things, either basic commands or games. Recall is good if paying attention, work still needed if he’s distracted!

• Enjoys routine, however also isn’t fazed if walked or fed at a different time to usual.

• Lots of improvement with visitors and is now comfortable with people coming into the house. Remembers people he’s previously met and is always excited to see them.

• A little wary with strangers coming to the door, but is won over quickly with a treat or two. Will happily greet strangers outside the house when on walks.

• No possessive behaviour or resource guarding. Will accept you taking toys/food off him.

• Doesn’t steal or chew/destroy anything that’s not his.

• Well behaved in the kitchen/around food.

• Fine with runners, cyclists, scooters (either completely ignores, or is inquisitive and will watch them).

• Good with children, including buggies or babies being carried (same reaction as above). Has been past school playgrounds and not bothered by loud noise/shouting/screaming or lots of children running around.

• Walks well on a lead, including by heavy traffic. Not bothered by anything loud/unusual including roadworks or trains.

• Has learned to be left alone. He’s gone from having really strong separation anxiety, to sleeping alone at night, to now being comfortable being in a different room to you for long periods (he used to follow us every time we moved, now he’ll happily take himself off to sleep in another room)

• Will accept you leaving the house with ‘wait’ command and won’t try to leave too.

• Will greet you enthusiastically when you return! Will run to the door to meet you. Much improved at not jumping up.

Bodi is happy with the vet, loves being brushed, and shows no possessive behaviour. He walks well on lead when no other dogs are around and loves to learn and give new games a try. Bodi knows commands, including 'Come/Here', 'Lay/Down', 'Leave', 'No', 'Sit', 'Wait', his name and 'Quiet'.

He has a high prey drive and is very cat/small furry reactive. 

ESSENTIALS FOR BODI - forever home

Firm, calm and consistent training

A more rural location

Someone committed to training and socialisation

Experience with large strong breed dogs

Someone with time and patience to help Bodi to become less anxious with strangers




Bodi has the makings of a really amazing dog in the right home. We are looking for a home who can work with him to enable him to become the dog he should be - please complete an application form or contact us.