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14 Months Old

Currently in foster in Colchester, Essex

The latest update from Kim who is so kindly fostering Bella for us:
We have had the pleasure of fostering Bella for a few weeks now and she has been a delight. Bella is a little bundle of happiness and we have only good things to say about her!

⭐ Dog friendly - she is super friendly with other dogs. Bella has been attending dog daycare with me and she’s been having so much fun. She loves to play with others and isn’t phased by their size or breed.

⭐ Good with children - Bella has met children that range from 11 months to 10 years old and was friendly as always, she even laid down on the sofa for a snuggle with them.

⭐ Bella loves her exercise and walks well on the lead (pulls a little but very easy to hold).

Bella can be a little anxious but we have left her for around 4 hours with no mess, barking or destruction, she just got herself a toy played for a while and then cuddled our other dog and slept. She hasn’t messed in the house nor cried at night. We feel the Bella must only be rehomed with at least 1 other confident dog to keep her company and as a playmate.
She is such a good girl in the house, so gentle when taking treats & loves having a snuggle with you (or another dog) on the sofa. She has such a loving sweet character and will be an amazing addition to someone's family.
What a lovely report... Clearly demonstrating exactly what we hope to glean from our fosterers and showing care and dedication to helping us to find the right home!