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6 yr old English Bull Terrier


Not cat friendly

Dog friendly

In foster

Bella has been in foster for a while now. She is a delightful girl who tries so hard to please. She can struggle on slippery floors and up and down steps so is looking for a home with lots of garden space and coutryside ideally


She is NOT cat friendly but loves everyone and is good with other dogs as long as they are calm... She does not like lots of excitement ... As is excitable herself. 

Not available for adoption yet
This post is as much about thanking Susan and Alan as it is BELLA!
Bella was in foster for us but not doing so well .. several problems reported and seeming to not be resolving. After some consideration and feeling she needed further help and assessment I asked Susan if she would foster her for us as she lost out Thomas not so long ago and I knew she would be the right person to help her.
Bella is a tripod and was collapsing when exercised and vomitting etc. ALL has been resolved and after a visit to the vet a couple of times to check bloods and have a dental involving the removal of a rotten canine and more we are delighted to say that Bella is now in fine form and great health. 
She has bonded with Bull and as you can see - is looking fantastic! I cannot thank Susan enough or those who supported her dental work including the ever lovely team at West Country Bullie Walks.  
Now just her spay to do now ... what a brilliant transformation