fosterers needed!

We have a lot of URGENT dogs, currently abandoned in pounds who have served their legally required 7 days, and are now over their time. These dogs are only assessed by the pound staff at a very limited level and the information we give on Facebook and our website is ALL we have until detailed assessments are made.

We are (as are many other rescues) in urgent need of local foster homes and we appreciate all your offers but PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BELOW:

1. Unless we know for certain that a dog is good with children we CANNOT place in foster with children.


2. We CANNOT confirm cat tested unless we KNOW the dog in question loves cats as, even if they have lived with a cat, it does not mean they will accept another cat.

3. We do not know whether the dog in question can live with another dog in the home so, even if dog friendly, there MUST be the facility to separate without using crates. For example, a dog gate separating a room for a foster dog whilst introductions are made carefully and slowly. This can take weeks, not hours or minutes.

We have strict criteria and processes in place for a reason. We are not being obstructive when we say 'not suitable' - we simply cannot take chances and our aim is to get it 'right' for each and every dog.


I am always very happy to discuss our processes - read more about our fostering policies here.


Arundawn is supported by a super team of volunteers who sift through each and every application that is made - for foster and for adoption - which takes a lot of time. If you are genuinely interested in offering help to one of the dogs we post on Facebook then please take the time to read the information we have first, before making your application. 



Elaine and the Arundawn team