• Breed - Lurcher 

  • Gender - Female 

  • Approx. date of birth - December 2020

  • Can live with dogs? Yes ( see below)

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? Yes 10 +

  • Location - West Sussex

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This beautiful dog arrived several months ago now.

Believe it or not Aislin has been with us since 12th Dec 2021! She arrived totally traumatised and terrified of everything! She spent nearly 3 months in the care of Lisa and the girls at Keepers Kennels learning to trust and coming out of her shell. 


At the beginning of March she left Keepers and moved to foster with Mark and AJ - two of our dedicated and lovely lurcher fosterers. She has been coming on steadily and although still fearful of strangers, particularly men, she has learnt to trust Mark and clearly is happy with him.

She does need a calm and sensible home and the company of another dog to help with her confidence. She is not cat friendly but great with children of 10 and over, though a calm environment is essential for her. She walks well on lead, loves to free run in secure spaces, plays well once she knows the other dog and is clean in the home.

When she first arrived with us she was traumatised, terrified and far from being able to be rehomed. In stepped Lisa Dunlop and the girls from Keepers Kennels. Aislin went to stay in the office in the kennels and over months she gradually learned to trust again. Massive thanks to them all. After a while one of our fabulous fosterers became available and offered to foster her ...


Here is her information from her fosterer: 
' It has been a real pleasure seeing how Aislin has blossomed in her time with us and our 3 dogs.  Thanks to Lisa and her team at Keepers Kennels who cared for her since December when she came into the care of Arundawn as a shivering wreck. It was obvious to us straight away what a sweetheart she is by the emotional farewell the team at the kennels gave her. People came in on their day off and everyone was in tears!

She has obviously had a bad start to life and not received the best treatment and as a result has a strong flight instinct and is scared of new experiences/people/noises. As soon as she comes across anything she is suspicious of she will seek to escape and find a spot where she feels secure. She is especially suspicious of men and for the first 2 days with us refused to be in the same room as me but formed a bond from day one with my wife and daughter.

She will need a forever home where someone will be able to give her plenty of time, encouragement and space and the reward for this will be an amazing dog. She has already started to gain confidence and her real cheeky playful character is starting to come to the surface.

Whilst nervous at the initial introduction she has fitted straight in with our other 3 dogs all of whom have different temperaments. I would definitely say she would be best in a house with other dogs as she gains confidence from watching them and how they interact with the scary world and people.

She is great on the lead although this will take time with a new person. At first she would only take a few steps outside of the house before applying the breaks and refusing to move. With encouragement she has started to go further and start to enjoy herself to the point that now when the lead is picked up she comes running to the door. She still freezes when there are unusual noises but can now be coaxed to continue the walk, whereas at the beginning she would refuse completely to continue. She has been let off lead in a secure field and absolutely loves running with the other dogs. She will always remain a flight risk due to her nervousness and is unlikely to have good recall – this  is evident when we try to herd her up when our time to leave the field is up!

She might not had much experience of living in a house and is getting used to living with all the strange noises coming from TV, hoover etc. She is housetrained but will need to be encouraged into the garden in the first few days as her instinct is to remain in the safe place she has found.  She can be fussy with her food and at beginning will need to eat on her own as she can be suspicious that food is being used as a trap. As with everything else this improves as her confidence builds.
This girl is an amazing dog with scars from her previous life that will take time to heal.

We now feel this girl is ready to move on to her forever home to continue the fantastic work of her fosterers.